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Looking for a Technical SEO?

Technical SEO can help you with many aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. If your website has had a drop in rankings suddenly and you are not sure why, it could be for a number of reasons. A technical SEO can help analyse potential issues and find a solution to these problem. A Technical SEO can develop strategies for many problems relating to your website, for example duplicate content issues which can be harmful to your websites ranking.

Content Issues

The Panda update for Google search has affected many website over the last few years. Panda is a change in Googles quality algorithm relating to content, people with duplicate content on their website can be effected by this change if Google detects duplicate content on your website it can very much hurt your website ranking. Sometimes people who have E Commerce websites will copy the exact product descriptions from the manufactures and use this on their website to describe the same product. This can sometimes be repeated many times over from other companies who are selling the exact some product. This in the eyes of Google will be classed as low quality content and if passing through the filter of Panda can damage your website ranking. A Technical SEO can help find a solution too many content related issues and bring you back into the good books of Google once again.

Moving Websites

Technical SEO can help with many problems that a website owner can face; another problem that people run into often is changing websites from one platform to another, or moving from one domain to another. A Technical SEO can come up with a strategy to minimise the effect on your ranking from these changes. This can be a critical time for a Technical SEO to be a part of your team to guide you through this process. One thing that a technical SEO will be able to assist with in this process is redirecting all the old pages from your website to your new website, with a 301 redirect this is a permanent redirect from the old pages to the new pages. If your pages URL are not exactly the same as the old pages the old pages that will be indexed in Google will 404 Page Not Found. When Google spiders crawl your website and find that pages are coming up as 404 this will also signal to Google a low quality website and will affect your rankings, with the use of a professional technical SEO they can locate all the 404 pages and have them redirecting to the appropriate pages on the new website so your page rank and be passed along.

Website Speed

Website speed is now becoming more of a critical issue that cannot just cause your customer to become frustrated and leave your website because it takes too long to load but also signal to Google low quality also. A Technical SEO can analyse your website for reasons why your website is slow to load and provide solutions to this problem.

There are many things our highly skilled Technical SEO staff at HOW SEO can help you with. If your website has taken a sudden drop in ranking contact us and talk to one of our technical SEO’s so we can find a solution to your website ranking problems.