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Social media today in business should be viewed as an essential part of your marketing and brand awareness strategy, if you are not utilising this channel you may well be missing out on prized opportunities to relate with your customers on a human level. HOW SEO can integrate a social media strategy into your online marketing campaign.

Did you know that today if Facebook were a country, it would be the third highest populated in the world. With 1.4 Billion users world wide

A Pole early 2012 seen the number of minutes people spend on Facebook per month is 700 billion. It is only going to gain in popularity as countries like India, China, start to log in. Our Social Media Management Service Sydney can help you become more human to your online customer.


Social Media Fun Facts 

  1. 29 billion pieces of new content are shared every month on Facebook that’s links, news stories, blog posts, music, videos, photos, notes, etc.
  2. Every minute of the day, 24 hours’ worth of video is uploaded to YouTube.
  3. 2 billion YouTube videos are viewed each and every single day.
  4. Flickr hosts 4 billion images. That is 13 more times the images that is held in Library of Congress in the United States.
  5. The average number of tweets per day on Twitter is 190 million.
  6. Total percentage of 18-24 year olds who already use social media is 98%



Benefits of social media management for a business?

  • International Reach: strengthen awareness of your company around the world.
  • Improved traffic: Social media generates curiosity in your products or services and drives traffic to your website
  • Brand identification: when people talk about your products and services via social media it increases understanding of what it is that your company does, and how people view it.
  • Public Opinion: study what people are verbalizing about your brands and its behaviours
  • Categorise: who is most engaged in your brand and develop targeted marketing activities
  • New business: enhance opportunities through greater brand mindfulness
  • New Sales: increase the networks through which you can sell your products and services.
  • Product openings: Recognise product ideas via feedback from consumers
  • Awareness: Capacity to react swiftly to negative and positive broadcasts.
  • Analytics: regularity and bulk of conversation on your brand and marketing
  • Relationships Building: with consumers
  • Develop consumer loyalty and trust through social interaction
  • Social media has enabled large and small businesses to extend their reach, and even create communities for their consumers. Never before has a time existed when the connection between a consumer and a brand was so personal and so immediate – and on such a global level.

How do I use social media management in my business?

Social Media management is all about increasing rapport with your existing and impending customers. Just as you would not present a sales pitch to your friends at a trip to the beach, social media should not be seen as a flagrant advertising tactic for your product or service. People like to hear new and interesting things but they don’t want to feel that all you are doing is attempting to sell to them. Social Media is a two way street where people should be confident to talk about their familiarities and interests. Smart businesses know that people want to engage with them on a personal level and not just with a faceless organization. A good social media marketing strategy will focus upon building the character of your company and its products and services. If people feel that you are interested in what they have to say they are more likely to listen and engage with your organisation in a positive way. When others see that customers are responding to you in a positive way they too will feel inclined to want to deal with you.