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Professional SEO for Small Business

How SEO is leading Australian SEO Company based in Sydney Australia we provide a professional SEO service for Small Business that have smaller sized websites or working in low to medium competition niches. We provide a specialised SEO service for small business that delivers you all the tools you need to get high visibility in Google Bing and Yahoo. Some small business websites are only a few pages and are mostly looking for traffic from their local area, we provide professional keyword research for your small business website to strategically position you ahead of your competition and create quality backlinks and a first class on-page optimisation service so we can push your company website to the top of Google search. Our local area SEO service specialise in bringing traffic to small business in local areas. Check out this case study of a Communications Company Secure a Com from the Sutherland Shire in Sydney. We helped this local Sutherland Shire Business dominate Google for their keywords and drive more traffic to their website and in turn helping this small business generate more customers and leads.

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Small Business is the backbone of any local area, and today when a potential customer is need of a service or product you may supply the most common ways for people to find your business is either word of mouth (which is still the best) or search engines, like Google. Most potential customers or clients will not sift through the pages and pages of results that could possibly be returned for their search query and tend to pick one of the companies from page one , studies have shown that after page three you have fallen into the abyss of search engine land and are lost to your potential clients. There are only 10 spots on the first page so if there are more than 10 competing similar small businesses in your area you need to be on the first page and hopefully number 1. People using search tend to associate the top 5 to 10 companies as the professional and leading businesses for that field or industry, so the value of first page cannot be over stated. This is where SEO comes into the picture. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short are professional analysts that can run experiments to develop strategies that can pick apart the Google algorithm to see what is working and what is not to push you to the number one position for your chosen keywords. Google is always modifying and updating their algorithm so it is important if you want to reach and stay in the top spot to find the best SEO Company that your budget can allow, SEO should be an essential part of any good marketing strategy to drive traffic to your small business website. Find out about our SEO Package for Small Business