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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a service that provides businesses with a way to be found in the search engines. Our SEO service performs a multitude of tasks that will obtain you a first page spot in Google, so when people type keywords relating to your products or services into the search engines, Bingo! You are on the first page and just about always in the number one spot.

HOW SEO is based in Sydney Australia and our SEO service is one of the most effective SEO services in Australia. SEO works in a few ways firstly we like to take an audit of your existing website so we can find issues relating to website architecture and on-page issues. Next we need to research keywords, this is an important phase in the process this is your bread and butter, and we need to find all the keywords that are related to your industry so we can optimise your website to rank for them. This is a very beneficial process to undertake because it will tell us what people are typing into Google to find services related to your industry. We also do a little spying on your competition to see what keywords they are trying to rank for so we know how to position you ahead of them and steal the number one spot your company.



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After all the research is completed next phase in the SEO process is to start the optimisation. We need to optimise pages in your website for particular keywords so each page will rank for a different keyword, this will give you the best chance to blitz the competition by having an overwhelming presence in the search engines. The keyword research we would have performed in phase 2 will supply us with not just industry jargon but actual laymen’s term that people are typing into search. Well researched keywords will pick you up masses of traffic that your competition might not have considered.

We need to pay special attention to Titles on your pages, H1 H2 and H3 tags Alt text for all images internal Links and anchor text for each link. Optimise the actual text on the page to contain keywords that we are trying to rank you for and position the keywords in special areas of the page within proximity of certain phrases so the Google bots can grab snippets of pages text for search results also.

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Next once all your pages are optimised for your targeted keyword comes the partnering process this is commonly known as link building. Maybe the most important step in Search Engine Optimisation. This is how Google indexes the internet, it follows links from one website to another and the more websites that have links pointing back to your website the more trust and more authority you will be credited in the Search engine results. This is also the phase that can make or break a website. Google has made changes over the last few years as to what they class as Good Links and Bad Links. In the days gone by it was all about numbers, the more links you had from other website the higher in the rankings you would climb, but since the Google quality update Penguin this has changed dramatically. It’s all about Quality Links now, the fewer but higher quality websites that link to you the better it will be for your rankings. Our SEO service spends a lot of time helping companies that have had outdated and uninformed SEO’s building bad links for them and Google has dropped them out of the index and they come to us to help them clean up their image in Google again. Google takes this very seriously, Google has quality guidelines relating to link building and all things SEO so to stay in Googles good favour and to rank high and stay there , it is extremely important that these guidelines be followed . Here lies the problem for many companies that hire SEO companies there are regrettable still many SEO’s that don’t follow these guidelines and their clients are the ones that suffer. If you are ranking number 1 and get hit with the algorithm it can take anything from 3 to 6 months to recover after all the bad links have been cleaned up. So you need to be so careful when choosing and SEO service.

HOW SEO follow the Google Quality Guidelines relating to SEO so your rankings are safe and very long lasting.

After you are in the first spot you need to stay there. So you will need links being built overtime to maintain your rankings. Social media and Blogs are another great way to attract links our SEO service manages everything related to keeping you in the number one spot. We can’t forget about your competition either, if they are using SEO they are going to want to take their rankings back, so we keep a close eye on them for you so we can always be two steps ahead. HOW SEO’s SEO Service is one of the most innovative SEO service in Australia. So for long lasting and safe ranking contact HOW SEO and let us show you why or SEO service is the best in Australia.