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SEO and Rankings Reports

At HOW SEO we provide a monthly executive briefing with detailed reports to keep you up to date with all aspects of you SEO campaign. We provide ranking reports so you know where you are in relation to your competition, and detail any and all success we have in finding other companies that will link to your website, as well as social media and much much more.

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Tracking Goals

Goal Conversions

If you set goal with us we can track them and find out if they are converting into real world actions.

Monthly Ranking Reports

We will provide detailed ranking reports that will show you your average positing, we can also provide you ranking reports that are parallel to one of your competitors so you can keep track on you rise to the top of the search engine rankings.

Google Analytics Data

We provide you with a summary of your stats and data from Google analytic s that is easy to understand.

Link Building

You will receive monthly reports with link building efforts goals and Successes  


All Packages will also be set up in our 24 hour monitoring system so if any critical issues arise we can spot them straight away.


We provide reporting on the speed of your website and will give you notice if we may need to make adjustment to shorten the page load time, this now is starting to play into Google rankings so it is now becoming an important element .

On Page SEO

We provide reports about On-page Optimisation we may carry out and let you know what we may have changed in the back end of your website so Google craw bot can navigate through your website with more easily.

Social Media

We will provide you with reports detailing your social media stats, Shares, like, new and returning visitors, and all impression.