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The first thing we do when we receive your email is make contact with you as we need to collect some basic information about your website and business. Next as promised we will run a basic website audit free of charge to see what kind of shape your website is in. After we have made our assessment we will email you the report and make contact either by phone or by email, preferable by phone so we can run over our findings from the audit. Once you decide to use our services the real process begins.



We perform a detailed and comprehensive website audit to find all issues related to On Page and Off Page factors.  Find out more

Goal Setting

We need to establish your goals for this campaign, and find out about the expectations you have for you achieving these goals within a certain timeframe. The size of your market and the competition and demand for certain search term can very much vary timeframes for providing first place rankings. We work closely with you to establish your goals so we can provide you with the best SEO experience possible, we believe in total customer satisfaction.

Business Analysis

We will need to understand about the industry you are in.  We have a business analyst perform a review on your industry so we can discover important details that will help find a strategic edge over your less  prepared competition.

Keyword and Phrase Research

Once we have reviewed your industry we will be able to prepare a preliminary keyword and phrase list so we can start to research each and every keyword and phrase that could potentially bring you traffic. We evaluate each phrase on competition, search volume and a couple of other unique factors we have developed. Find out more about keyword research 

Competition Assessment

Once we find the best performing keywords and phrases we need to see who we are competing against. We have a cunning competition assessment process that really allows us to know who we are up against so we can develop the most effective strategies. From this process we can map out realistic time frames to achieve rankings.

Relationship Assessment

Looking for potential business relationships that may bring opportunity’s with linking to your assets.

Broken Link 404 discovery

We search on-page linking to locate broken links for later redirection.

Content Analysis

We look for your most popular webpages on your website so we know which ones to focus our attention on to bring you fast results, and also discover pages that are not performing well and create interesting content strategies to lift the amount of views.


Content Strategy

We work with you or your copywriter to make sure you are taking full advantage of content and develop strategies to create link bait for link opportunities.

Website Architecture Design

We develop plans for effective website structure that will enable search engine spiders to be able to crawl and index your website with ease.

Link Building Strategies

We develop link building strategies that will bring you high value link opportunities. Find out more about Link Building Strategies 

Keyword Distribution Strategy

We create a keyword and phrase strategy and develop a map for every keyword so we know what keyword or phrase to target for each webpage on your site, this gives each keyword we target some serious potency. This is also useful to avoid keyword cannibalisation.

Url and Phrase Planning

Now we know each keyword for each page we also need to match the Url for the target keyword and phrase for each page. We create a detailed blueprint of Url + Keyword and Webpage and overlay each so we have a roadmap of keyword structure and positioning.


With the setup phase we need perform a few tasks that will set up accounts in Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Tools, and also set you up in our system. In the setup phase we create all accounts that are associated with your SEO campaign. Then the appropriate code needs to be placed on your website to enable tracking of your websites analytics and webmaster tools. 



Based on the research and our initial comprehensive website audit we will carry out all repairs and recommendation from our SEO experts to your website. Find out more about On Page Optimisation

Url to Phrase

We implement our blueprint for url to phrase matching.


Change around keywords and phrases within the body content of your webpages to provide a clear theme for our targeted keyword destination page. Check for duplicate content and use rel=canonical to focus the search engines to one page.

Link building

We develop relationships with potential link partners and start our outreach program to find high quality high value links. Find out more about Link Building

Risk assessment

We discover potentially bad links that could go against Googles quality guidelines and provide you with a report on our recommendation. We also check for content issues such as thin content, scraped content , or any content issues that could trigger the Google Panda update.


At the end of each month we provide you with a detailed report outlining your rankings, link discovery and many other areas. Find out more about our SEO Reporting.


Competition Monitoring

We keep a close eye on your competition so we can always keep you ahead of the game.


Ranking Monitoring

We also track your progress on a regular basis, so if we see any fluctuations in rankings we can be alerted straight away and deal with any issues before they become a problem. Find out more about rank monitoring 

On Going

This is not the end of this process because SEO needs constant attention if you are to get to the first page and stay there. This process will need to be rediscovered every three months at the end of each three month cycle. Along the way there  may be adjustments that have to be made due to unseen circumstances e.g. algorithm updates, new competition entering the market and many other outside factors that can effect rankings.