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Constant Learning and Innovation

Keeping you ahead of the Game

As a top ranking Australian SEO Company you need to be on point with the constant change that takes place in this industry. HOW SEO is in a constant learning cycle so we can keep up with trends in the SEO community and Digital Marketing. We have in house learning for our SEO’s so they can stay informed with all the latest movements with in Google search. We attend seminars from the leading industry experts from around the world, and subscribe to many forums and blogs from the best SEO companies in the world.

Google webmaster forums are another great source of knowledge for professional SEO’s and we all subscribe to the Matt Cutts blog who is the web spam guy from Google, his YouTube video blog is usually very informative, so when a change is announced we are on the front line as far as SEO is concerned.

We perform our own in house experiments to test theories related to the Google algorithm, and have many test websites that we use to perform these experiments with. We have found some very interesting results after performing some of this type of experimentation, which then is put into practice on our own website before we apply it to yours.

Constant innovation is one of our missions at HOW SEO because as more and more companies realise that SEO is a critical factor in internet marketing, the competing SEO companies will have to adapt or die.