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What is SEO Copywriting 

SEO copywriting is online writing that includes key phrases. Key phrases are designed to help that online text rank better in the search engines. “Key phrases” simply refers to those words people type into a search box to find the information they need. SEO copywriting service is very different from that of straight copywriting, because you’re also looking at what the search engines want to see in terms of what people are searching for and then making sure that those search terms are in the content.

SEO copywriting has two masters

This doesn’t mean once you know the search terms you want to include them as much as possible in the copy. More is not better. You want to achieve those search engine rankings, but as importantly, you want that same writing to satisfy your clients. You want the writing to resonate with the people coming to your site and help them think, “all right, I’m at the right place, I can trust this company, and I want to read more (or, I want to buy now).” Skilled SEO copywriting, your writing actually straddles the line. You’re writing really good content for your users, but you also know what search engines need to see in order to help that page get a better search position always considering and adding those elements.

Why is good SEO copywriting so important?

Marketing guru Seth Godin has said that the best SEO is great content. This is really exciting, because it shows how and what you write has everything to do with customer satisfaction, search engine ranking, traffic to your website or blog, and financial success. Good SEO copywriting engages your customers, makes you money and attracts incoming links.

The key to good SEO is quality content

How you write what you write is critical. Include key phrases – yes. But focus more on writing great content for your users. And the reason for that is not only do your readers want a good experience, they don’t want to suffer poorly-written, key phrase-stuffed content, but also the search engines want to see quality content. Google recently (within the past few months) updated their algorithm so that web-pages with “thin” content where “demoted” from the top spots in the Google search listings, because Google desires (and reward) good quality content. While you want to include SEO elements into your writing, don’t assume that more is better. The search engines are looking for what your readers are looking for solid, quality content.