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Basic SEO Package

All the things you need for a Top Performing SEO Package

Basic Package 

12 Hours a month with No Lock in Contract 

SEO Service with all the Trimmings and No Lock in Contract 

Setup Fee $850.00 No Setup Costs 

Monthly Ongoing $1300.00 

Our Basic Package is designed to provide 12 hours each month of identification and implementation of website optimisation for the purpose of search engine ranking in Google Bing and Yahoo. We custom design every SEO project we undertake as we know that every new business that comes to us for help requires different strategies to obtain there desired results. We will research and provide you with 20 targeted keywords phrases. We will overhaul and optimise a massive 10 pages, and will work through all aspects of your SEO campaign from on-page optimisation, organic link building & strategies article creation and submission social media set up and posting plus content creation and much much more . You gain access for 12 hours each month to a highly skilled and sort after team of SEO and creative professionals to work with you or your webmaster on the implementation of our Platinum Package.

Keyword and Phrase Research Find out more 

Keywords and Keyword Phrases are the starting point to any great SEO Campaign. Researching your target market and knowing what your customers are searching for online is invaluable, as this is the foundations to build your SEO campaign upon. We will work together to compile a list of 40 keywords phrases that will be effective in driving targeted traffic to your website.

Comprehensive Website Audit Find out more

An Audit is essential to establish a base level as to where your website is and what needs to be carried out. If there are issues we will find them. We possess sophisticated diagnostic tools to find every issue your website may have. We also find a base line for current rankings and your competitions rankings so we can track your progress over time.

Website Architecture

You website infrastructure is a crucial component in  the search engine optimisation process. If the architecture of your website does not allow the Google craw bots to index your website properly this can be a major factor in your rankings good or bad, we will search and repair all know crawl ability issues so your website may be indexed correctly. We also need to make sure that ever page on your website can be accessed easy through a friendly linking structure, and make sure that the best pages are not deep down in the linking hierarchy. 

On Site Optimisation Find out more 

We make sure that all your page elements are sound and consistent and you are taking full advantage of keywords and phrases in the Meta title, Meta description, URL’s, and the content of each page. We will tune up your home page so it will have more SEO juice.

Also we will

Create/edit/check geositemap.xml file

Create/edit/check sitemap.xml file

Create/edit/check robots.txt file

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools registration, verification, setup and management

Google Analytics registration, setup, implementation and management including goals and benchmarking

External and internal broken link check and management and repair

Check for 404 page not found issues

And access your Google Webmaster tool to check for any errors that may be flagged

And numerous other tasks that we may find from the SEO audit.

Link Acquisition Find out more 

One of the basic principles in SEO is that great content will attract great links and this is most defiantly how you want to approach your link building. Organic links that come to your website without having to go through the usual methods are 100% safe and are 100% on autopilot. We also source you high value link opportunity to create a quality backlink profile. We also take a look at your current backlink profile and make sure that links that were build pre Panda and Penguin are not doing you any harm. We have creative link builders that follow only Google safe methods of finding link opportunity so you can be safe now and into the future. The times are a changing when it comes to things that worked in the past and things that are going to work into the future, so future proof your website by finding less of the usual mixed bag and concentrate on high quality links.

Bad Link Detection 

Due to changes in the Google algorithm (Penguin) links that may have been build to your website in the past by other SEO Companies may be causing your website harm. Low quality websites that have no relevance to the theme of your website could be dragging you down. Some of these website may be link farms that where set up for the sole purpose of backlinking, these websites are full of tens of thousands of links from countless different types of websites. Website that are full of adds and and thin content need to be accessed on a case by case basis, we will assess over time every single website that is linking to your website and compile a complete backlinking profile. Note: If you are in a competitive niche, there is such a thing as negative SEO, this is where your competition will have there SEO build links to your website from low quality and spam websites, so you will trigger that Google quality component of the algorithm and be demoted from the index. We also need to check you are using anchor text correctly on your links and make sure that you have the right percentages of- exact match – branded – domain -and -click here- so your linking profile looks natural and will not attract unwanted attention from Google.

Bad Link Clean up and Disavow 

Once we have identified the suspect links we need to make contact with the webmasters from each of the offending website and ask politely to have these links removed or the anchor text changed. If this fails we have to create a disavow file and have it uploaded to the disavow tool in your Google webmaster account. This will signal to Google to ignore these links as passing on page rank from these low quality and harmful websites. 

Authorship Markup Find out more

Google Authorship can be added to any link and will show up in the Google search results with an photo of your and your name and some other information provided from your Google + account.

Article Creation

We will research and create engaging articles by professional writers on topics related to your industry or product for the purpose of sharing on article and bookmarking websites. This is a method we use to promote sharing through links back to your website. If the content is on topic and on point it can be picked up and shared by potentially thousands of people.

Article Submission 

Once your articles are created we will have one of our team upload them to some of the top article submission websites so they can be found and shared.

Content Creation 

Creating unique and compelling content is one of the best ways to bring attention and links back to your website. Every month we will create unique and engaging content which we can use in a number of ways to bring readers to your website. We will use a combination of graphic art and content writers to design stand out pieces of content that we will post via your websites blog. Then share this post with a number of quality websites to keep your audience coming back for more.

SEO Copywriting Find out more 

As part of our service we identify content on your web pages that may need some re tweaking to help you rank for keyword phrases and keywords that you could organically rank for. Also check to make sure you are taking full advantage of keywords throughout your text, and you are not keyword stuffing or any other techniques that Google could class as spam which you can be penalised for.

Social Bookmarking 

Once we have created a unique piece of content on a blog post within your website we will notify some of the hottest social bookmarking websites like Stumble Upon – Reddit – Newsvine- and many many more. This is a great way to attract links and sharing of the content that we will create. This is one of the hottest method at the moment for attracting organic links to your website, which will signal to Google that your website is a mover and shaker and in turn you rankings will continue in an upward trajectory. 

Social Media Find out more 

We set-up manage and monitor your social media accounts to use this as an opportunity to connect with your audience and to bring your company and brand a human side. We use social media as a part of and overall internet marketing strategy to connect with your audience on a more personal level. If your package includes social media posts we will create posts on a regular basis and share on a number of social media platforms to spread the word about your brand. Social media is also a wonderful tool for link acquisition and can bring you a wealth of opportunity. If your plan does not include posts but includes set-up and monitoring we will monitor your social media accounts and use this data to provide a more targeted approach to create personas to understand just who your audience is.  

Google Places (Local SEO) Find out more 

We will set-up and manage your Google places for local businesses. This is a great way to connect with people in your local area that are searching for a business in there local area. 

Google my Business (Local SEO)  Find out more

This is a new service by Google we will set up and manage this for you, so you have another tool in your belt for local search.

Local Directory Submissions (Local SEO)

We will set-up and manage your local listing in quality local directory such as Google + Local – Yahoo Local – Bing Local – True Local – Yellow Pages – Hot Frog and many more. 

Google Guidelines for SEO Find out more 

We want your business to remain successful for years to come so we will never put your website at risk by performing low quality harmful SEO that may have a negative effect down the line. All our SEO is white hat, and we follow the Google Code Of conduct for SEO’s. Search Engine Optimisation is an unregulated industry and there are lots of less than sterling operators working in it. We are relatively new as an SEO company so we can learn from history and be smart enough to know that there is a demand for high quality SEO that has ethics and standards. We follow Googles guidelines for SEO as a guide to a code of conduct we apply to all SEO Campaigns. We love what we do and we want to be around for a long time.

Monitoring Find out more 

We keep a close eye on what is going on in the ranking with your website and you will be alerted if there are any major fluctuations in ranking so we can attend to the issues straight away.

Reporting Find out more 

Easy to understand reports will be emailed to you every month to keep you up to date with the progress of your rise to the top. We strive to make our reports as visual and as user friendly as possible with easy to understand charts and tables. All aspects of your SEO Campaign can be reported on you can custom design your report to have as little or as much information as you like.

No Lock In Contract Find out more

We like to provide our clients with a safe and reliable service but if you feel like our service is not right for you anymore at any time you are free to leave. We supply you with a no lock in SEO contact so for any reason at any time you can cancel our service. This means for us we work dam hard to keep our clients if we don’t perform to your standards you can give us the boot.

Competition Monitoring

We can provide you with side by side reporting of your competition as far as rankings, there on page optimisation efforts, keywords they are trying to rank for and numerous other information that can be very valuable to building strategies to take number one and stay there.

On Going SEO

As most of you will know SEO is a never ending process there is always someone that is hungry for the rankings that you have worked hard to acquire. So keeping you’re positing once you have made it is another task all in itself. SEO requires constant attention and there is always plenty of opportunity that may have been overlooked that SEO Professional like us can turn into advantages.

Our Winning Process Find out more  

Would you like to know just what goes into providing you with a professional SEO service? Find out about some of the key aspects that go into giving you an expert SEO service.

  • On-Page 25%
  • Links 25%
  • Article Creation 8%
  • Sumbissions 4%
  • Content Creation 16%
  • Local 5%
  • SEO Copywriting 10%
  • Competition Research 7%

If this package sounds like it may be right for you, please contact us to find out about our availability and to discuss and questions or concerns that you may have relating to your current rankings within the search engines. Thank you for taking the time to look over our Basic Package and we are looking forward to assisting you any way we possible can.