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Organic SEO

Organic search brings results that have been earned not paid for. Most people consider a company website more deserving if it has made it through all the hoops that Google has laid out. The consumers mind will automatically prejudge the top organic ranking websites and company as the authority on that subject. We are an Australian SEO company that specialises in organic SEO search results. Our green thumb approach is like growing anything organic, firstly you supply us with the seed, we water, fertilise, and harness the sunlight to shine life and visibility on your company so together we can watch it grow.

Organic Search How Can It Help Me?

One of the most important factors you will need for good organic SEO is keyword research. This involves researching keywords that visitor to your company website are likely to type into their search engine when looking for a business or service in your industry.

A vast amount of analysis goes into finding the most competitive keywords to use for different parts of your company website to bring visibility in search engines. As I’m sure you are well aware most people never go past the third page in search engine results in their search. Our goal is to find keywords that are being quired in search engines regularly over a monthly period, with low enough competition and then scatter your keywords throughout your websites so that we may get you ranking the organic way sooner rather than later. It is a evolving task that needs constant monitoring and adjusting to trends to keep your company relevant and on top.

After we have selected your keywords we need to use them within the body text of your web pages strategically placing them in different parts of the page for maximum effect. This would be classed asOn Page Optimisation  This is the advantage of having SEO copywriter to make the manipulation of the body text read like SEO is not even a factor. Good SEO copywriting can really make your company website stand above some of the poor websites out there on the web. Good for consumers and good for search engines; we need to find that balance. Another advantage of good content writing is that it could attract links, we like links they are our friend, we call this link bait.

Another key thing we need to do is create a link strategy so we can find similar theme website that will partner with you and provide links on their website linking back to your website, this is a massive deal for rankings. The more quality links you have that are relevant pointing back to your website the higher up the trusted-quality-authoritative chain your company website will appear to the search engines.

Google Pay Per Click.

Google offers a paid version of getting seen on their searches, Google ad words (ppc) pay per click. This can work very well if you know what you are doing, ppc is known to be fraught with danger and can quickly see you spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on advertising budget with little roi. If you don’t have a handle on setting up and managing your add campaign’s to a very targeted audience, it’s as good as throwing money out the window. This can sometimes leave you with a rather large bill and not much to show for it.

Does Google give special treatment if you use PPC?

  • Organic Traffic 69%
  • Pay Per Click 31%