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Don’t Forget the Body


Matt Cutts has posted a funny little YouTube Video reminding people that when thinking about planning out your pages for SEO don’t forget the body. Yes it is important to have all the other elements such as Meta descriptions and title tags on your page, but without the keyword also scattered throughout the body content of that page it makes it hard for Google to understand just what your page is about.
One thing to note is keywords are important in the body copy but keyword stuffing is a big NO NO !

Where to use your keywords

Find a way when crafting your content for SEO purposes that you have a nature flow of the keywords. Some SEO’s say that keyword density is not a factor anymore but I would beg to differ. You have to find the right balance. Make sure you use your keyword in the Title Tag, Meta description the Page title, and in the content and in at least one link on your page. Try think about where you add the keywords, do you have them at the top of the page? Do you have your keywords at the bottom of the page? And if you are using images do you have the keyword in the Alt text for that image? If you think about the use of keywords when crafting your page this will help Google to understand what your page is about and if you have all the right elements it will go a long way to help your page rank above others that have not spent the time to plan as strategically.