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3 Billion Web Pages Drop Out of the Google Index

If you are like me have a keen interest on all things internet related I have stumbled across something that could be of considerable interest, since October 2013 3 billion webpages have dropped out of the Google index. I have searched the internet but there doesn’t seem to be much chatter about it. There is a great resource called Word Wide Web Size, it looks at the amount of webpages that are indexed on a daily basis and there was a dramatic spike downwards which is following a downward trend.

What is going on?

At the start of October their was close to 5 billion pages indexed by Google now there is only 1.59 Billion. Something is going on that i feel requires further investigation.

I am no authority to create speculation about this but I just find it very interesting. Is Google doing a mass culling of redundant or known spam website?

Any Feedback for someone with more knowledge on the subject would be greatly appreciated


The Screen Shot of a three monthly period




Screen Shot of the last year




Screen Shot of the last 2 years