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Whats the big deal with Google Guidelines?

Well I would put it to you it is a very big deal, one reason is that it makes total sense to subscribe to Google’s code of conduct as it is set out for SEO companies, if you don’t play by the rules your website could easily become another statistic in the black hole of search engine rankings. Google has one main objective, and that is to provide the best search results possible for people using Google Search. Google doesn’t reward people trying to cheat the system, in fact they impose penalties on websites that do, and sometimes take them out of the index altogether. Many SEO companies play a dangerous game with people’s livelihoods by using sneaky black hat SEO tactics to achieve fast ranking for their clients, only to be left cold and naked when the next Google algorithm rolls into town. Google does not give much away as far as letting SEO companies know what is in the algorithm but what they do give us is a set of guidelines to follow to ensure that if they are followed that ye shall be rewarded. HOW SEO is the number one Google Guidelines SEO Company in Australiawe want our client’s websites to live a long and happy life in the pole position in Search Engines.

What about Bing and Yahoo.

Well to be honest Google is the go to search engine for almost 80% of people using search while Bing, Yahoo and the multitude of other search engines take up the other 20% combined, so if we are playing the game to win we need to play in the major league, and that means Google all the way. Because Google aren’t in the habit of exposing methods to get a websites to the first page it is left to creative SEO’s like us to test the system and see what is working, and do this within the framework of guidelines that Google has created for SEO companies so it is an even field across the board. It is skill that determines a great SEO Company but also doing it within a set of guidelines, Google’s guidelines because you never know when the next Google update is coming so if you are playing by Google’s rules then you have nothing to worry about. And that is exactly how we conduct business here at HOW SEO.

Do Google think SEO is Spam? Matt Cutts is the head of the web spam team, listen to his short message about SEO’s and the number of ways a good SEO can help you.

Michael Wyszomierski is for the search quality team at Google. Michael will provide a quick overview on Syndicated content, thin affiliates, and doorway site.

Way to many business today are being  penalised from mistakes of the past.Companies that have used bad SEO practices in the past may have been penalised or have been demoted in the rankings or sometimes even removed from them from the index. Because most of us use search engines and just about all of us use Google it’s of high importance that you can continue to be found in Google so following the guidelines is a must.