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Free SEO Tools 

To perform SEO you need tools, lots of good tools. If you are starting out in SEO there are lots of free seo tool that you can use to help find all sorts and problem and even help you fix them. We have compiled a list of some of the best free SEO tools. Tool with a range of different uses to solve all sort of problem whether it is discovering bad use of anchor text to keyword research, this list has it all. 



Tools for Link Building, Discovery and Repair

Anchor Text Optimisation

This SEO tool will check on anchor text. Just enter your URL and it will create a anchor text report.

Link Notification

This SEO tools from Linkstant will send you notifications when you are been linked to. 

Link Building Tool

Buzz Stream have a number of free SEO tools for link building. Try them out. 

Email Guesser

This cool tool will try to find an email address when you only have little information.

Broken Links

This SEO tool is a chrome extension that will help you locate valuable broken links so you can repair them.

Guest Blogging

Gust Blogging is still a good way of attracting links. This may find some real opportunity for you.

Link Discovery

This awesome SEO Tool is the number one go to tool for checking inbound links. Limited use on free account.

Seer's Toolbox

This is a great suite of SEO tools from Seers. Might be worth taking a look at. 

Learn Link Building

If you want to learn the right way to build links this is the best information out there. 



SEO Quake

Google Chrome extension allow you to bring up load of great diagnostic info about the page you are on.

Tag Assistant

Tag Assassinate is another Chrome extension this will give you a indicator as the if Google tags are installed correctly.

Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

Yet another Chrome extension this lets you analyse links with the powerful Majestic tools.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The first tool any SEO will need is something to crawl  websites with. Screaming Frog have a free piece of software that you can install on your computer and crawl websites. It will provide you will all your onsite data, so you can begin to analyse.

What Does Screaming Frog Do ?

SERP Tracking


Google Analytics

The most important tool for tracking your website stats, this is invaluable marketing information. You will need a small snippet of code installed on your website  but well worth it for wealth of useful data.

Social Media

For Connecting with your Audience

Hoot Suite

Lets you post on all your social media platforms in one go. 


Lets you share with your audience at the most optimised time

Social Crawlytics

Allow you to do competitive research on your competitors most shared content.

Free Directories

Here is a list of Australian Business Directory with high domain authority. This is a great way to spread the news about your business but you also get a valuable link from their website. You’re Welcome 🙂


True Local 

Hot Frogs 

Yellow Pages 

Start Local 

Enterprise Search

Aussie Web



Web Directory Australia 


Thank You

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite free tools for you in one place. We love SEO and we like to pass on the love to some of our favorite companies that provide free services for SEO’s and internet marketers. This tool suite is the perfect starting place to begin your SEO journey. Don’t forget to check out the SEO learning link to Moz and the Beginners Guide to SEO this is a fantastic guide to understanding the building blocks of search engine optimisation.