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How Do You Appear on the First Page of Google?

I have the question put to me constantly how do I appear on the first page of Google?

I work as an SEO at HOW SEO and we have developed certain techniques know as Search Engine Optimisations that will help websites appear on the first page of Google organically. “Organically” I hear you ask?

To be on the first page of Google organically means not through the use of paid ads that Google call PPC or Pay Per Click. We have developed safe and strategic ways that will have your website appear on the first page of Google organically, so when a potential customer types in the keyword phrase into the Google search engine, BAM!! You appear on the first page of Google and hopefully in the number one spot.


We do this through a number of methods. There is a real science to SEO and it is constantly changing as Google are always moving the goalposts as what works and what doesn’t to be able to secure your spot on the first page of Google.

Google looks for lots of different factors that will determine if your website is worthy of the first page of Google. And as a SEO it is our job to be constantly testing these parts of the ranking algorithm and decipher what is working and what is not, and then apply our findings to your website.

SEO can be broken up into two different camps



On-page SEO is working on the actual website itself. Reading and changing code, working with Meta data, internal links, Images, website architecture , and many other factors that can help the Google crawl bots crawl through your website and understand what your website is about so it can rank you according to the theme it decides your website suits. This is where a skilled SEO comes in by helping Google understand what your website is trying to rank for, we understand the language of the Google search engines and we can make your website tell the story correctly so Google will know that you are relevant to this story, and land you on the first page of Google.


Off-page is just that it is working with off page factors such as link acquisitions and local citations to give your website some authority in the eyes of the search engines. It is one thing to make sure all of your on-page elements are correct for Google to be able to crawl and understand what your website is, but the off-page factors are the driving force that will get you to the number one spot. This has changed a lot over the years as far as link building is concerned, Google has a set of quality guidelines regarding link building and other off-page factors, so it is critical that you use an SEO company that follows Google Guidelines for SEO. Google can remove you from the search engine rankings altogether if they find your cheating the system so it is becoming ever more important to be using quality SEO companies if you are to appear on the first page of Google and stay there .


So to be on the first page of Google you need a mix of on-page and off-page factors but they need to be carried out on a manner that are ethical and follow Google’s quality guidelines. The Best way to find yourself on the first page of Google would be to let a skilled and ethical SEO firm like HOW SEO take care of the that hard work for you. SEO is a completely different skill set than web design, so once your web designer has built your website it is up to the SEO to make the appropriate changes to your website and keep making changes to your website so you can appear on the first page of Google and stay there.