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       Does Google use Social Media Signals for Ranking?

Matt Cutts from Google web quality team provides information about googles relationship with social media signals. I get asked all the time does the amount of likes I have on my Facebook and twitter pages help with my Google ranking? Well the short answer is NO. But in this domain of social media ranking are not everything. Social media is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. If you are posting interesting posts that get shared and liked a lot it is a great way to funnel potential eyeballs to your website for conversion. If you write an interesting post on Facebook for instance and you have a link on that post that lets the reader know that “to find out more information on this subject click on the link” this is a great way to funnel this traffic from your social media page to your website. There is nothing stopping you creating a landing page within your website to deal with this traffic in a specific way. If the content is interesting and engaging people are naturally going to want to read more.  Sometimes just creating a teaser on your Facebook page will spark curiosity, and if they have to click on the link to see the rest a lot of the time the reader will follow the link to complete reading the article. Use Social Media as a starting point to direct the traffic to your website and once they are on your website you have more control over how you can funnel this traffic to the goals and outcomes you have in mind. Social Media at this point in time does not provide signals within the Google algorithm to help with your website ranking but a lot of people in the industry are speculating that this may change in the future. social-media-and-google-rankingsGoogle + One of the social media sites that has the most potential to help with ranking is Google +. Google doesn’t give anything away regarding this being a viable signal for rankings yet, but you can do the math on this one yourself. Google is pushing its social platform fast and hard at the moment and they have complete control over all aspects of Google + so it only makes sense that this could very well be a social media platform that if you are not using already I would strongly suggest signing up and getting familiar with because out of all the social media platforms this is the one that has the most potential if not now but in the not so distant future that might be the one that will help with ranking.