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Website Audit

The very first thing that we do when we take on new clients is preform a comprehensive website audit. This serves a couple of purposes; firstly it allows us to set a baseline of where your website is and where it needs to be. We use diagnostic tools as well as manual processes to review the ranking performance and potential of your website.

  • Amount of Websites using SEO 7%
  • Amount of Websites Not using SEO 93%
  • Organic Search Results 90%
  • Paid Search Results 5%

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Website Architecture

We perform a review of your website architecture to make sure that it is easy to navigate and that all pages have at least one link that come somewhere within your website pointing to it . We look at the dept of these links to find out how many click for instance it takes to get to content.

Backlink Research

We will conduct a backlink profile analysis to check for any harmful links that may be on spam websites or links that exact match anchor text patterns that could be triggering quality filters. Checking <meta /> titles and tags to make sure they are being used correctly and you are not duplicating on other pages. We check to make sure there is only one version of your website.


We check for images and make sure descriptive Alt text is being used. We make sure that images are not overly large as to slow down page load times. Make sure you are titling your images also.


We make sure you are using redirects properly. And check for pages that may 404 page not found. And have these pages redirect to a corresponding live webpage on your site.


We will perform a ranking report and find where you are placed in the SERPS for keywords and phrases. We will also perform you a side by side report with a competitor so we can estimate the road ahead.


We will check to see how many webpages from your website have been indexed in the Google data base. This is important because if your website has 200 pages and Google is only indexing 50 pages that mean that ¾ of you webpages are missing out on getting you noticed.

Page Speed

We test the load speed of your pages this is not just a problem for the search engines but users will not want to wait around for a slow page to load either. This is ever more becoming an important factor in search.


We look at the way that keywords are being used within the content of your pages. Look for signs of keyword stuffing or other harmful practices that could potentially trigger spam filters. We make sure certain parts of the page are focused on so this will signal to the search engines a clear theme of what this page is saying and there for a higher ranking. 

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