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SEO companies vary greatly as far as skill and knowledge is concerned and also what they are prepared to do to provide rankings for clients regardless of quality and safety. HOW SEO takes Search Engine Optimisation very seriously and we do it the right way. We are constantly updating and innovating to bring our clients new strategies to keep you in front of the competition. We don’t believe in resting on our laurels and are always on the hunt to provide the best quality service for our clients . We strive to be the best SEO Company in Australia to help clients achieve their business goals and do it in a way that is safe and provide long lasting results. We stay up to date with trends and movements in the digital marketing world so we can always be a cut above the rest. Our Goal is to be the best SEO Company in Australia to provide safe and long lasting results.  To provide you a quality SEO Service we need have a set of quality standards, we start by following Guidelines that Google has set out for SEO Companies, we use these guidelines as our quality insurance policy for our clients. We know that  no matter what may change with Google as far as  updates if we stay within the framework of Google’s greater vision and look for ways that fall within the specification of their guidelines we will achieve our goals of being the best SEO Company in Australia to provide high rankings that are safe and long lasting for clients. Google Webmaster forums is another great resource for discussions and searching for knowledge related to best practice SEO that is Google safe and highly effective .

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Google’s latest update Humming Bird

Google has just rolled out the most significant change to its core search algorithm a month ago and hardly anybody noticed. The change is designed to handle conversation search queries, such as “How do I tie a bow tie?” as well as it handles keyword search queries, such as “History of Australia.” It affects 90% of search results.


Google Hummingbird Updates 2013

“It is really big,” said Google search executive Amit Singhal.

Amit Singhal said what Google has done is the equivalent of switching out the core “engine” of Google’s search system for a new one. It’s the most significant change since Panda update in 2001, according to the Search Engine Land blog.

But the new algorithm update known as “Hummingbird,” has been in operation for a month now, and yet few noticed. That means it’s basically a huge success. Last time Google made tweaks to its algorithm (“Panda”), to weed out spam and scraper sites, many mainstream websites howled in protest as their top rankings slipped away.

HOW SEO is all over this new update already we are doing a month long series of testing and analysis to find out how much things will change for us and our clients, and so far so good. I am very happy to report that this new update has only pushed some of our clients to the number 1 position that where hovering around number one. One of our newest clients that has only had their website up for three weeks jumped 63 spots overnight to make it to the first page, we couldn’t be happier.

Best SEO Company in Australia  We are only where we are because we have the best team, passionate and creative who live and breathe SEO, so when a company comes to us for help they know that have come to the best SEO Company in Australia that will keep them on top of the search results but will also keep them safe from Google updates into the future.